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Total to 119 take-ups on fly right there sign up for an account okay no get that count or get-go to the cart checkout boom so see just right there that’s what you want to see congratulations you have been approved for an Express next credit card not prepaid card no-no secure card which means you got to put money on it but card so here we go say except say yep and this is the other thing you want to see that you only have to put the last four of your social security if you have to put your full Social Security then check out and do it again should I mean something with didn’t go didn’t go right so so we put in the last four and their girls just that easy so congratulations your.
Express next credit card account has been approved your credit limit is 50 thousand dollars get extra 20% off today bla bla bla so now I just added this credit line display limit to my credit overall credit report which is gonna help tremendously because that’s now when they went it up when you went out checking your credit balance it won’t be you know like let’s say you had two thousand dollar credit card and you went over right now you spent about 1500 your way over to 30 percent so that right there can negatively impact your credit score big time so as you can see now with this fifty thousand dollar credit limit.
I’m good one more thing right here you see what says continue to check out so I this point you go to your checkout but you don’t have to purchase the stuff we just bought that’s mom I want to make that clear – so we’re gonna please no turn service so you can continue checkout and then right here see what’s a placed order now you just can’t throw all that out and your credit card is on the way