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At the beginning of your business plan with a summary. It is often the most important part, especially when addressing investors. These fly over the summary although initially mostly only. A bad or hard-to-understand summary can, however, make you do, not to Finance a project (a good summary will not, however, be the only reason for a financing commitment).
What to do? The summary should be presented to readers first
Arouse interest. Secondly, it must provide all important information in a short and comprehensible manner. So she is not a general introduction but contains the ” big points“, so all the important arguments for the success of the foundation.
The summary contains brief information on
* Founder / s
• The business idea (products or services)
• Unique selling point
• Market
• Marketing
• Sale
• Legal form
• Capital requirements and financing
* Date of establishment
Tip: you should always write the summary last, even if it is at the beginning. It should not exceed
one or one and a half pages long and easy to understand.
Leave a Person of your trust who does not have any special
Read the summary test.
Explain why you want to become self-employed with this project. Remember: Who whatever you want to support, you must realize that you fully behind your founding idea. It is not convincing Foundation motive, “nothing better ahead” and possibly stop again, if it’s not running.
This comes: self-employment is not the right thing for everyone career path. You need from what you want to do,
understand something. This includes, for example, qualifications that you for the exercise of trade must prove (in particular in the case of legitimate trade or in the craft sector).
What to do? Show that you are willing and able to help her
To take fate in their own hands. This is especially true for founders who were previously unemployed for longer. With longer long-term unemployment causes many people to lose Confidence. Starting a business requires a lot of “Standing assets”, e.g. in negotiations with banks and Offices.
The necessary skills can be trained. If necessary, demonstrate that you are participating in such training courses have participated. And: show what you can do: distinguish between your professional qualifications (Training, professional experience, industry experience) and their entrepreneurial skills (leadership experience, communication skills, commercial Know-how). Point out skill gaps and signal how They want to close this.
Tip: Not everyone can be an “all-rounder”. Have you ever thought about getting together with partners? When setting up a team, the membership qualifications often complement each other. If you start with partners, should at least one of the founders business and Have industry knowledge. These should be included in the business plan and in a conversation with the Bank also be “available”.